We cost-effectively work with FMCG brands & retailers to implement rewards and loyalty schemes which drive store traffic and validate sales purchases, instantly rewarding consumers for engagement using digital vouchers & coupons, issued in real- time via mobile.

For example, the use of unique codes, printed securely on packs, can be submitted by the consumer via SMS in order to receive an instant reward voucher.  Or, upon registering for a mobile service, consumers can send their till slip numbers to gain loyalty points.

Our automated marketing systems facilitate immediate responses that communicates to your consumers how many points they obtained through their purchase. When they achieve the required number of points, they can redeem their reward, in the form of a discount coupon or a promotional item.

Strike Mobile works closely with a variety of rewards partners to offer scalable and instant rewards.

The real value in mobile marketing lies in its ability to deliver highly effective and inexpensive customer relationship management, which ultimately results in loyalty and sales.

With us, your brand will achieve this through:

  • Fast and effective data profiling using promotions and registrations.
  • Easy capture of customer and potential customer details using mobile entry mechanics on above-the-line media, point of sale materials and merchandise.
  • Sending out automated responses with a relevant call-to-action that drives brand interaction.
  • Integrated, automated and data driven mobile marketing solutions, powered by our proprietary customer mobile data platform, StrikeConnect, gives you a highly targeted and strategic direct marketing solution to reach large audiences in targeted and measurable ways.
  • Our mobile services are fully manageable and trackable through our secure and tiered access facilities, which provides granular reporting on delivery with interpreted insights.