USSD facilitates an enriched two-way conversation with the ability to offer menu item selection. This medium is ideal for transactions, profiling and data collection and generating engagement with content to all phone types.

  • USSD is a well-known mechanic to the mobile market in South Africa.
  • USSD is used by many daily to do cell phone banking or airtime recharge. This makes USSD very useful in driving 2-way conversations, providing the user with a familiar platform where the user can simply type in text responses or choose from a list of menu options over multiple screens.
  • It is extremely effective for the collection and profiling of data. It serves as an excellent gap closer when reaching those consumers that cannot be accessed easily by data reliant apps or web-based platforms because they don’t own smart phones.
  • It is easy and quick to implement while also being cost effective to deploy, drive conversation, build community, deliver information and gather data.
  • Instant responses sent to user.
  • A USSD string can be reverse-billed with no cost to the end user.
  • Easy menu selection for location identification.