StrikeChat is our proprietary web-based messaging platform.

This platform allows businesses and brands to engage with and build their audience base via ad hoc campaigns and competitions, or as an always-on, community platform.

StrikeChat tracks consumer behaviour and gathers data effectively making this platform highly effective for consumer profiling.

StrikeChat is a web–based chat app that offers your consumers a mobile chat experience that feels like a mobile chat app – without the need for them to download an app. A “save-to-home-screen” widget enables easy return access for users and keeps your brand visible at all times on the users’ mobile home screen.

The platform’s flexible UX gives you the ability to drive a two-way conversation with consumers, using touch-enabled, enriched media sharing, with automated and instant responses. The platform affords you the flexibility to style the campaign in-line with your brand’s unique look & feel or create an identity when driving campaign specific lock up.

The UX also allows you to encourage cross product sampling by giving your consumers easy access to visually appealing meal specials & promotions and is ideal for use in FMCG campaigns. Access via QR Codes, URL’s and SMS allow consumers to interact with your brand via in-store, on-pack, in-market or social media calls to action.

The user experience is like that of WhatsApp but is more diverse in its potential functionality as creative customisability is given. This is an ideal messaging platform for marketing, promotions, competitions, and rewards.

The platform offers automated messaging responses to validate purchases and issues rewards.

Full integration to any existing business channels and systems is possible. There are a wide variety of message send types that can be used to engage with the consumer including rich content sharing.